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Advanced Management Accounting Cost Accounting and Operating Research ( Sets of 2 Volume) by Sanjay Aggarwal

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Author : Sanjay Aggarwal
Publisher : Pooja Law House
Edition : For May 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Solved Problems
Comprehensive Coverage of Theory
Author’s Tutorial Notes
Summary for Quick Revision

Contents -

Advanced Management Accounting (Cost Management) Volume I

1. Relevant Costing Minimum Price, Acceptance of Offer, make or Buy, Key Factor, Sub Contracting)
2. Shutdown and Divestment
3. Transfer Pricing
4. Standard Costing
5. Activity Based Costing & Customer Profitability, Direct Product Profitability (DPP)
6. Budgetary Control, Performance Measurement and Decision Making
7. Pricing Decision
8. Development in Business Environment (Just in Time, TQM, Target Costing, Life Cycle Costing, Throughput Contribution)
9. Costing in Service Sector
10. CVP Analysis

Advanced Management Accounting (Operations Research) Volume II -

Chapter 1 : PERT CPM
Chapter 2 : Simulation
Chapter 3 : Learning Curve
Chapter 4 : Linear Programming
Chapter 5 : The Assignment Problem
Chapter 6 : Transportation Problems
Appendix I : Logarithms Tables Common Logarithms
Appendix II : Antilogarithms Tables
Appendix III : Area of a Standard Normal Distribution