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Advanced Company Law and Practice by Cs Tejpal sheth

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Author :  Cs Tejpal sheth
Publisher : Taxmann
Edition : For Dec 2017 Exam

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Book Details

Author: Tejpal Seth
Publisher: Taxmann
Cover: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN Number 9789386635525
Number of Pages 656
Edition 656
Useful For CS Professional Students

It gives me immense pleasure in presenting the first edition of the book “Advance Company Law Practice” before the students of Company Secretary (CS) – Professional Program. This book is prepared exclusively for the requirements of CS – Final level course of the students of Company Secretary Examination.

It covers entire syllabus in 500 pages. Therefore, you will find it really useful and handy for reading and revising during the time of examination.

Entire syllabus is divided in 20 chapters and explained in lucid manner without’ compromising technicality.

Each chapter has following four segments

• Basic theory
• Draft resolutions
• Solved past examination questions
• Practice questions with hint

The book has following unique features:
•Tabular presentation of subject matter (Approximately 700 questions & its answers and 50 draft resolutions)
• Includes relevant procedural aspect of subject matter
• Use of simple and concise language for easy and quick understanding
• Alignment of chapters as per study module of ICSI
• Logical arrangement of topics and sub-topics for each chapter
• Inclusion of past examination questions at the end of every topic
• Inclusion of solved paper of June 2017 examination of ICSI.

Tips for Reading Book And Preparation  for Examination
1. Basic theory
Student should read the basic theory first. Theory is given in tabular form. Student may write few important points in his note for rapid revision. For your convenience, vital points are highlighted with bold fonts. You can revise the theory once again, if you so require before proceeding to the next segment.
2, Draft Resolution
Drafting is very crucial aspect at professional level of an examination. After theory segment, important and relevant specimen of draft Board and General Meeting resolutions are given. Student should not read it. Student should do writing practice of resolution. This will help you in sharpening skill of drafting.
3. Solved past examination questions from CS examinations
Once you are through and sure, about first two segments, now it is time to apply skill. Refer the past examination questions asked in CS examinations. Almost from year 2005, all possible questions are included. First, read the question without referring answer. Try to identify concept and provisions involved in question. Make rough outline of answer in your mind or in your note. Now compare it with answer given. All similar kind of questions are clubbed together to avoid duplication and stress. Each question highlights the year and the month of examination. It provides better idea about what is being asked repeatedly.
4. Practice Questions
After you have gone through the past examination questions and its solution, now it is time to test your preparation. Few more questions are designed for further practice . All Practice questions are based upon conceptual clarity . it contains hint or answer in concise manner

Chapter 1 : Company Formation And Conversion

Chapter 2 : Procedure For Alteration Of Memorandum And Articles Of Association

Chapter 3 : Issue And Allotment Of Securities

Chapter 4 : Alteration Of Share Capital

Chapter 5 : Issue And Redemption Of Debentures And Bonds

Chapter 6 : Acceptance Of Deposits By Companies

Chapter 7 : Membership and transfer& Transmission Of Shares

Chapter 8 : Key Managerial Personnel (Kmp)

Chapter 9 : Company Secretary

Chapter 10 : Meetings

Chapter 11 : Auditors

Chapter 12 : Preparation And Presentation Of Reports

Chapter 13 : Distribution Of Profits

Chapter 14 : Charges

Chapter 15 : Inter Corporate Loans, Investments, Guarantees And Security

Chapter 16 : E-Fling

Chapter 17 : Striking Off Name Of Companies

Chapter 18 : Recent Trends And Developments In Company Law

Chapter 19 : Trust And Non·Profit Organization

Chapter 20 : Secretarial Standards

Solved Paper· Cs Professional· June 2017.

About the Author
TEJPAL SHETH is an associate member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and holds an MBA in International Business and Diploma in Pharmacy. Apart from Practising Company Secretary, he is dynamic and well known educator in the professional stream. He is a visiting faculty in many reputed MBA colleges and professional courses for more than 14 years. He is visiting faculty with ICSI, ICAI & ICWAI, Gujarat University, Nirma Institute of Management, Amity Business School, Gandhinagar Institute of Technology. He has taught innumerable students of CA, CS, ICWAI, MBA programme on various topics like business law, mercantile law, corporate law, business ethics and communication. He has imparting coaching to more than 30000 students. He has served as a member of various committees of Ahmedabad Chapter of ICSI in past.