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Reliance Concise Concepts on Tax Laws & Practice Cs Executive by S.K Aggarwal & Abha Aggarwal AY: 2015-2016

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Author : S K Agarwal , Abha Agarwal
Publisher : Reliance
Edition : 2015

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Income Tax Act 

1. Basic Concepts 
2. Residential Status and Scope of Total Income 
3. Agrlculrurallncome 
4. Incomes Which do Not Fonn Part of Total Income
(Exempt Incomes)
5. Income from Salaries 
6. Income from House Property 
7. Profiu and Gains of Business or Profession 
B. Capital Gains 
9. Income from Other Sources 
10. Income of Other Persons Included in Assessee's Total Income
(Clubbing of Income)
II. Aggregation of Income. Set-Off and Carry Forward of Losses .
12. Deductions from Cross Total Income
(Deduction Under Chapter Vl-Aj 
13. Rebate and Relief
14. Computation of Total Income and Tax Uabllity of Individuals 
15. Computation ofTOlallncome and Tax Uabllity of a Hindu
Undivided Family 
16. Taxation of Finn. AOP/BOI

17. TaxationofCompanies 
I8. Taxation of Cooperative Societies 
19. Taxation of Non·Residents 
20. Charitable 'lTust ..
21. Assessment Procedure
[Filing of ITR, Assessment, Rectification Etc.] .
22. Advance Tax 
24. Interest 
25. Income·Tax Authorities, Appeals and Reference
26. Setdemem of Cases 
27. Penalties, Offences & Prosecution 
2S. Miscellaneous Matters 
29. Wealth Tax 
30. Basic Concepts of International Taxatlon 
31. Advance Ruling and GAAR 
32. Tax Planning and Tax Management.


33. Service Tax 

34. VAT 
35. CST 


1. Strictly as per the Suggestions, Recommendation and level of knowledge
Prescribed by the Institute of Company secretaries of india .
2. updated as per the law & provisions currently prevailing
3. For ony Query/ lnformotiorv'Online order