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Students Handbook On Cost Accounting & Financial Management (for CA IPC) By CA G sekar 

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Author :  CA G sekar , B. Saravana Prasath
Publisher : Padhuka CCH
Edition : For May 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Cost and Management Accounting B Saravana Prasath

Highlights of this Book

New Syllabus Full Coverage with Theory & Practical Qns.
About 450+ Illustrations with Step by Step Solution.
Concept Clarification through Charts & Graphs.
Fast Track Referencer of Formulae & Concepts.
Chapter Overview for easy navigation of topics.
Treasure Trove of Professional Exam Questions
This Edition of Students’ Handbook on Cost and Management Accounting for CA Inter New Syllabus comes to you as a complete guide in a single handy book, with the following Key Features

Easy Format and Structure: All principles I procedures I techniques I concepts and ideas have Been arranged neatly in easy- to- read format, and numbered into Topics I Sub-Topics, so that the Student can understand the subject easily.
Explanation and Improved Presentation: The presentation in each Topic has been revised and Explained better, to help the Student remember the ideas I concepts I points more easily.
Chapter Overview: The Chapter overview at the beginning of every chapter will help the student to navigate through each Chapter- Topic- Sub- Topic, in an organized and phase manner.
Solved Illustrations: Around 450+ Fully Solved Illustrations have been provided, with step-wise Presentation, organized into separate headings, in order to cover every possible question type in Each topic.
Diagrams and Tables: Diagrams, Charts and Comparative Analysis Tables have been added to Enable the Student to assimilate the subject better.
Fast Track Referencer: Fast Track Formula Referencer has been given for quick revision of the Various formulas and procedures in the Topics.
At the Intermediate level, the Student is expected to be conversant with the concepts for preparation And the presentation in Exams. The Book has been drafted with the primary motive to help the students recapitulate the concepts and principles in an easy manner. This Book and its Editions have been possible only due to the constant motivation and support Provided by Shri G Sekar, FCA, and also the timely and quality- oriented assistance provided by An excellent team of Students, Academicians and Professionals.


1 Basic Cost Concepts

2 Materials

3 Labour Cost

4 Overheads

5 Activities Based Costing (ABC)

6 Cost Accounting Systems

7 Job and Batch Costing

8 Contracts Costing

9 Single / Output / Unit Costing

10 Joint Products and By-Products

11 Processes Costing

12 Operating Costing

13 Standard Costing

14 Marginal Costing

15 Budgetary Controls