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CCH A Ready Referencer For CA Inter IIPCC Auditing and Assurance by G Sekar, B.Saravana Prasath

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Author : G Sekar & B Saravana Prasath
Publisher : Padhuka CCH
Edition : For Nov 2016 Exam

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Book Details


• Full Syllabus in O & A Format
• Use of Pictures, Diagrams and Flowcharts
• All Past Main Exams and RTPs covered
• About 500+ Concept Questions Included
• Quick Referencer for Repeated Revision
• Summary of Standards on Auditing


• Full Syllabus Coverage  : ICAl Syllabus for CA Inter Level has been covered
  in a lucid and easily comprehensible language.
• Auditing Standards : Standards on Auditing issued by the ICAI (as applicable
  at the Inter (IPCC) Level), which is gaining more importance in the examinations
   are covered in an easy to understand form.
• Companies Act 2013 : Relevant Provisions of Companies Act, 2013 with Rules is
   covered exhaustively and presented in a easy to read fashion.
• Q & A Format : All principles/ procedures/ techniques/ concepts and ideas have
   been arranged neatly in easy-to--read Q&A Format, which helps a Student to
   know the type and manner of questioning in a Professional Exam.
• Past Exam and RTP Questions : All Past Exam Questions and Questions from the Revision
   Test Papers are covered, to provide the subject, all-in-one-Book.
• Practical Questions : Many numerical illustrations and practical questions explaining the
   application of a given principle are given for Students' guidance.
• Chapter Overview : Each Topic / Chapter begins with a Chapter Overview for easy navigation
   and birds' eye view of the Topic.
• Time Management : This Book helps Students to plan and manage their time resources effectively
   in preparing for the Inter IPCC Exams.
• Quick Revision : The Book is a handy and effective tool for the Students' in terms of effective grasp
   of subject, repeated revision, and easy memory.


1 Introduction to Auditing
2 Audit Evidence
  A. Audit Planning and Materiality
  B. Accounting Concepts in Auditing
3 Internal Control, Internal C heck and Internal Audit
4 Audit in CIS Environment
5 Audit oflncome
6 Audit of Expenditure
7 Audit of Assets
8 Audit of Liabilities
9 Company Audit - Appointment, Duties, etc.
10 Company Audit - Accounts & Financial Statements
11 Company Audit - Work Aspects & Reporting
12 Company Audit - Audit of Share Capital
13 Government Audit
14 Special Audits
15 Standards on Auditing