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Corporate Restructuring , Valuation and Insolvency By Anoop jain

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Author : CS Anoop Jain
Publisher : AJ publication
Edition : For June 2019 Exam

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A self-study book specially written for CS students.

Tabular and graphical presentation of subject matter.

Completely updated Takeover, Merger, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and other laws.

Simplified language.

Complete Coverage of the Syllabus as prescribed by ICSI.

The answers are given as per the latest amended laws and provisions.

Flow-charts in merger and takeover

Connectivity with other laws.

Past year questions with answers after every chapter.


PART-A: Corporate Restructuring

Chapter 1-Corporate Restructing,

Chapter 2-Corporate Restructing, (Introduction) Corporate Strategy,

Chapter 3-Merger And Amalgamation (Part-A Basics),

Chapter 4-Merger And Amalgamation (Part-B M/A and Companies Act),

Chapter 5-Merger And Amalgamation (Part-C M/A and other laws),

Chapter 6-Post Merger Reorganisation,

Chapter 7-IDA Merger And Reconstruction,

Chapter 8-Takeover Of Companies (Part-A Basics),

Chapter 9-Takeover Of Companies (Part-B Takeover of Unlisted Companies),

Chapter 10-Takeover Of Companies (Part-C Takeover of listed Companies),

Chapter 11-IDA Merger And Takeover Stories For The Year 2015,

Chapter 12-Legal Documentation,

Chapter 13-Buy Back Of Shares And Securities,

Chapter 14- Alteration And Reduction Of Capital,

Chapter 15-Funding Of Merger And Takeover

PART-B : Corporate Valuation

Chapter 14-Valuation Introduction And Techniques,

Chapter 15-Regulatory Aspects Of Valuation,

Chapter 16-Valuation Of Brands.

PART-C : Corporate Insolvency

Chapter 17- (Sick Industrial Companies Act 1985) ISCA,

Chapter 18- Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016

Chapter 19-Recovery Of Debts Due To Bank And Financial Institution Act, 1993,

Chapter 20-Sarfaesi Act, 2002,

Chapter 21-Winding Up Of Companies,

Chapter 22-Cross Border Insolvency,

Chapter 23-Insolvency Laws In Global Scenario.