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Reliance Concise Concepts on Ethics, Governance and Sustainability By S.K. Aggarwal Abha Aggarwal

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Author :  S.K. Aggarwal Abha Aggarwal
Publisher :  Reliance
Edition : For June 2018 Exam

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Important concepts as per study material have been explained through flow chart & diagrams wherever needed so that the entire chapter is at a glance for quick understanding. After this, updated suggested answers to questions as asked in the past 25 relevant examinations have been incorporated in each chapter with categorization viz, Short Notes (SN), Distinguish Between (DB), Descriptive Questions (DQ) and Practical Questions (PQ). The objective is to provide the students with authentic and result oriented material to pass the examinations at first attempt.

 -  Strictly as per the suggestions, Recommendations & Level of Knowledge
 -  Prescribed by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India
 -  Updated as per the Law & Provisions Currently Prevailing


1.  Introduction to Ethics and Governance.
2.  Ethical Principles in Business


3.  Conceptual Framework of Corporate Governance
4.  Board Effectiveness – Issues and Challenges
5.  Board Committees
6.  Legislative Framework of Corporate Governance in India
7.  Corporate Governance in Banks, Issuance and Public Sector Companies
8.  Legislative Framework of Corporate Governance – An International Perspective
9.  Risk Management and Internal Control
10. Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights
11. Corporate Governance and Other Stakeholders
12. Corporate Governance Forums 


13. Corporate Social Responsibility
14. Sustainability
15. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Framework
16. Legal Framework, Conventions, Treaties on – Environmental and Social Aspects
17. Principles of Absolute Liability