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Mercantile Law Guide for CA CPT By G Sekar And Saravana Prasath

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Author : G Sekar, B Saravana Prasath
Publisher : CCH Padhuka
Edition : 2017

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Book Details

The Mercantile Law Guide covers the three statues prescribed for the CPT Students, namely – (a) The Indian Contract Act, 1872, (b) The Indian Partnerhip Act, 1932, and (c) The Sale of Goods Act, 1930.
These 3 Statutes help students in understanding and gaining control over the General Principles of Law. The knowledge acquired at the CPT Level will support the students to a great extent in their IPCC Course also. And this book is aptly compiled for the beginners covering every topic in depth, yet making the learning easy.
The following are the special features of this book –

•    Comprehensive coverage : The Statutes are covered in detail with adequate illustrations.
•    Diagrams and Charts : Diagrams and Charts have been incorporated for better understanding of principles and concepts.
•    Practical Questions : Practical Questions have been have been introduced for the students to test their knowledge on the v arious principles of law.
•    Summary of Important Provisions: A Summary of Important provisions is provided at the end of every topic for quick revision.
•    About 2500 MCQs : MCQs for Practice are given a the end of each topic. Some of the Past Exam Questions based on memory and Important  Revisionary questions are marked
•    Chapter Overview : Chapter Overview is presented at the beginning of each Chapter for easy navigation of topics