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The essential synthesis by Schroyens Frederik

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Author : schroyen frederik
Publisher : BJain Archibel
Edition : 2007

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Book Details

This repertory is based on the new Synthesis treasure edition, with the inclusion of Kent’s Treasure Edition(newly discovered additions). Only traditional, well known authors are included, which explains the absence of author references.
It is a compact edition, printed on Bible paper and in a handy format, making it useful for carrying to home visits and seminars. It is more suited to students and those preferring a more traditional approach than to those exploring new territories in homeopathy. The Textbook contains a very useful addition: almost 100 pages of veterinary symptoms and concepts. It also has reference material: a list of remedy abbreviations, a word index, and lists of localisations by chapter and name, as well as an explanation of the book’s purpose and design by the author. All in all, it is concise, reliable, and accessible.