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A Ready Referencer On Advanced Management Accounting By CA G sekar 

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Publisher : Padhuka ccH
Edition : for May. 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Highlights of this Book
 Full Syllabus Coverage in Student-oriented style.
  Concept Clarification through Charts & Graphs.
  About 600+ Illustrations with Detailed Workings.
  Past Main Exams and RTPs Questions included.
  Fast Track Referencer of Formulae & Concepts.
  Chapter Overview for Easy navigation of topics.
  Applicable for CA Exams – Old Syllabus.

1.    Standard Costing & Variance Analysis
2.    Marginal Costing, CVP Analysis & Decision – Making
3.    Pricing Concepts and Decisions
4.    Relevant Cost Analysis
5.    Transfer Pricing
6.    Costing of Service Sector
7.    Budgetary Control
8.    Activity Based Costing (ABC)
9.    Target Costing and Reduction Aspects
10.  Life Cycle Costing
11.  Total quality Management (TQM)
12.  Theory of Constraints (TOC)
13.  JIT, MRP and Production Concepts
14.  A. Value Chain Analysis (VCA) B. Performance Measurement
15.  Uniform Costing and Inter – Firm Comparison
16.  Assignment
17.  Transportation
18.  Linear Programming
19.  Network Analysis
20.  Learning Curve
21.  Simulation