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Problems and Solutions on Advanced Management Accounting by Ca K Hariharan

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Author : Ca K Hariharan
Publisher : CCH
Edition : for May 2017 Exam

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Book Details

Problems and Solutions on Advanced Management Accounting by Ca K Hariharan is useful for CA final students Appearing in Nov May 2017 Exams.

Key  Features
•   Past 5 exams (Including NOV 2016) solved ICAI question papers
•   Last 26 attempts of ICAI past examinations, RTP question answers
•   Extensive diagrams and charts to explain concepts
•   FAQs on theory
•   Introduction for every topic
•   Formulas & Points to be remembered for last minute revision
•   Costing Quiz to asses conceptual clarity
1.  Marginal Costing, CVP Analysis & Decision Making
2. Standard Costing
3. Relevant Costing
4. Transfer Pricing
5. Pricing Decisions
6. Activity Based Costing
7. Service Sector Costing
8. Budgetary Control
9. Just in Time
10. Total Quality Management
11. Throughput Accounting
12. Cost Sheet, Direct Product Profit & Customer Profitability Analysis
13. Target Costing
14. Pareto Analysis
15. Life Cycle Costing
16. Balanced Score Card
17. Case Study

About The Author

CA K. Hariharan, B.Com,  FCA Gold Medalist, Bharathidasan University Topper, Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Recipient of Chief Minister’s Award for Excelllence in Academic at University level, Founder Parter M/s. K. Hariharan & Associates, Chennai.