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Company Law for CS Executive By Rajnish Kumar

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Author : CS Rajnish Kumar
Publisher : commercial Law House
Edition : FOR DEC 2016

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Book Details

• inclusion of flow charts and special easy notes
• Inclusion of Amendments & Rules till Dec., 2016,
• Inclusion of Secretarial Standard as notified by ICSI,
• Flow Chart based Book
• Inclusion of more than 100 Case Laws,
• Inclusion of Past 10 Years Questions,
• Inclusion of Examples to understand of provisions of CA2013
• How to write the best answer in CS Examinations

About The shuchita company Law solved scanner
The Scanner is fully updated as per ICSI syllabus For Dec 2016 Exam Applicable for CS Executive students.


Content :-

Study 1.   Introduction
Study 2. Classes of Companies 
Study 3. Registration of Company 
Study 4.  Promoters 
Study 5.  Memorandum and Articles of Association
Study 6. Contracts
Study 7.    Concept Of Capital
Study 8.    Prospectus 
Study 9.,   Debt Capital & Creation of Charge
Study 10.  Allotment and Issue of Certificates
Study 11. Membership 
Study 12. Transfer of shares 
Study 13. General Meetings 
Study 14. E-Govemance 
Study 15. Company Law Administration
Study 16 Directors 
Study 17 Independent Directors 
Study 18 Board Meetings & Its Power 
Study 19 Key Managerial Personnel 
Study 20 Deposits 
Study 21 Accounts & Audit
Study 23 Loans & Investments
Study 24 Board Reports & its Disclosures 
Study 25 Registers & Returns
Study 26 Merger & De-Merger 
Study 27 Winding-up 
Study 28 Striking off Name 
Study 29 Majority Rules & Minority Rights
Study 30 Inspect,i on & Investigation 
Study 31 Producer Company
Study 32 Limited Liability Partnership
Study 33 Offences, Penalties and Compounding

About the author :- 

Cs Rajnish Kumar is a fellow member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and Law graduate from 
University of Delhi. He has about 12 years of teachiong and corporate experience. He has excellent understanding
of Law abd unique style of explaining the complex legal jargon and provisions. He has conducted various  Seminars
And workshops at ICSI & ICAI to impart practical legal training to students & legal members.
He worked with many listed MNC and indian companies like Federal – Mogul Inc. , Manpower Inc. & Uniparts India 
ltd. He has handled various assignments like IPO, PE Investments, Due Diligence , Secretarial Compliances Labour
law Audit process implementation , listing of shares , Merger & Amalgamations and various types of litigations including 
civil and criminal cases.