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ADVANCED Company law Scanner By shuchita Prakashan

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Author : Pro. Arun Kumar
Publisher : Shuchita
Edition : FOR JUNE 2018

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Book Details

Key Features -

Graph showing marks, category wise in each chapter, in various attempts.
Examination Trend Analysis – 5 Attempts.
Analytical classification of every chapter.
Marks of each question/part question.
List of repeatedly asked questions.
Table showing Importance of chapter on the basis of marks.
Line chart showing relative importance of chapters.
Complete Questions with Solutions.
Important Glossary.
Complete question papers of last 4 exams.
List of Sections under Companies Act, 2013.
Updated as per Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015
Advanced Company Law Practice Arun Kumar,Himanshu Srivastava

Contents -

Company Formation and Conversion,
Procedure for Alterations of the Memorandum and Articles,
Issues and Allotment of Securities,
Alteration of Share Capital,
Issue and Redemption of Debentures and Bonds,
Acceptance of Deposits by Companies,
Membership and Transfer/Transmission of Shares,
Key Managerial Personnel,
Company Secretary,
Preparation & Presentation of Reports,
Distribution of Profits,
Inter-Corporate Loans, investments, Guarantees and Security,
Striking Off Names of companies,
Recent Trends and Developments in Company Law,
Trusts and Non-Profit Organisation.
Question Paper of June 2017