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Information Systems Control and Audit for CA Final By Vishal Saraogi

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Author : Vishal Saraogi
Publisher : Lawpoint
Edition : 9th For Nov 2017 Exam

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Book Details

Key Features:-
Fully Revised Chapters
Section Recalls For Quick Revisions
360 Degree Coverage In Minimum Time
36 Terms Question Paper
Solved With May 2017 Paper
Last 5 Terms RTP Solved


This book has been prepared considering all the problems which a student faces during the final hour preparation for ISCA paper and also the last minute revision before the exam. The unique feature of this book is its one point solution which covers past exam questions, RTP and summary charts. The Book has been prepared to enable a systematic & a complete study of the subject in a plain simple Language. Every chapter is divided into number of sections and each section is followed by a summary Chart, this will help the students to prepare the subject in a concise manner and will also provide a grip Over the subject matter. The book is designed for the students of C.A. Final. It has been updated with all recent changes brought by ICAI applicable for November 2017 Examination. The key features of this book are

Each chapter has been divided into number of SECTIONS to make the subject easy to learn
Every section is followed by a summary chart which covers the crux of the section for quick revision and to get a grip of the content
This book covers past 36 terms question papers of C.A. Final
It also covers last 5 terms RTP
MEMORY CODES are incorporated at suitable places to memories the key points easily
Key words has been highlighted for easy learning
This book covers the syllabus in depth and in simple language
Graphical presentation to facilitate easy understanding and learning


1    Concepts of Governance and Management of Information System
2    Information System concepts
3    Protection of Information systems
4    Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
5    Acquisition, Development and Implementation of Information Systemr 6    Auditing of Information System
7    Information Technology Regulatory Issues
8    Emerging Technologies  (Mock Test Papers)