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FIRST LESSONS IN ACCOUNTING ( New Syllabus ) by MP vijay kumar

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Author : MP Vijay kumar
Publisher : Snow White Publications Pvt. Ltd
Edition : For May/ Nov, 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Contents -

Branch Accounting
Departmental Accounting
Hire Purchase and Installment Sale Transactions
Insurance Claims for loss of stock and loss of profit
Investment Accounts
Accounts from Incomplete Records
Company Accounts – Preparation of Financial Statements
Company Accounts – Cash Flow Statement
Company Accounts – Managerial Remuneration Accounting for Tax
Company Accounts – Redemption of Preference Shares
Company Accounts – Redemption of Debentures
Company Accounts – Accounting for Bonus Issue and Rights Issue
Company Accounts – Profit or Loss prior to Incorporation
Partnership Accounts
Accounting Standards
Overview and Applicability of Accounting Standards
AS-l Disclosure of Accounting Policies
AS-2 : Valuation of Inventories
AS-3 Cash Flow Statements
AS-4 Contingencies and Events occurring after Balance Sheet Date
AS-5 Net Profit or Loss for the period, Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies
AS-10 Property, Plant and Equipment
AS-11 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
AS-12 : Accounting for Government Grants
AS-13 Accounting for Investments
AS-16 : Borrowing Costs
AS-17 : Segment Reporting
AS-22 : Accounting for Taxes on Income

About The Author:-

Mr. M. P. Vijay Kumar has been the Chief Financial Officer of Sify Technologies Limited since October 18, 2007. Mr. Kumar has been Partner of Yoganandh & Ram, Chartered Accountants for the past eight years. His areas of expertise includes financial/management consulting, legal advisory services and management audit. Prior to joining Yoganandh & Ram, Mr. Kumar worked for seven years with Sundaram Finance Services Ltd., Chennai, the investment banking division of Sundaram. His books published is Financial Reporting with Snow White Publishing CA Final in 2014 Edition and Business Laws, Ethics & Communication with Snow White Publishing for exam CA IPCC August 2014 Edition.