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Information Systems Control and Audit solved scanner by shuchita prakashan

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Author : Gourab Ghose and Dr. Arpita Ghose and Arpita Ghose
Publisher : Shuchita Prakashan Pvt. Ltd
Edition : For May 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Key Features:-
• Graph showing marks, category wise in each chapter, in venous attempts.
• Examination Trend Analysis – 5 Attempts.
• Analytical classification of every chapter.
• Marks of each question/part question.
• List of similarly asked questions.
• Contents establishing correlation between study maternal and chapters in Solved Scanner.
• Complete Syllabus.
• Complete question papers of last 4 exams.
• Complete Questions with Solutions.

1.   Concepts of Governance and Management of Information Systems
2.   Information System Concepts
3.   Protection of Information Systems
4.   Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
5.   Acquisition, Development and Implementation of Information Systems
6.   Auditing of Information Systems
7.   Information Technology Regulatory Issues
8.   Emerging Technologies (Question Paper of May 2017)

Question Paper of Nov 2017