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Author : MP Vijay kumar
Publisher : Snow White Publications Pvt. Ltd
Edition : for May 2018 Exam

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Book Details


Special Features  -

• Fully solved problems exceeding

• Step-by-Step Methodology to solving problems

• Library of Adjustments

• Functional Presentation of theory

• Pleasingly elaborated and solution-driven accounting adjustment

• Well-updated add-ons by way of FAQs, Expert Advisory Committee Opinions,all recent pronouncements and AS-Interpretations of ICAI (AS 21, 23, 27)

• Meaningful illustration of past twenty examinations of ICAI 

Contents of the Book -

Accounting for Amalgamations and Corporate Restructuring

1. Computation and discharge of Purchase consideration

2. Methods of Amalgamation

3. Purchasing Company holding Shares in Selling Company

4. Selling Company holding Shares in Purchasing Company

5. Cross Holding 6. Internal Reconstruction

7. Demerger/Hiving off/Spin off

8. Restructuring – Exchange of Divisions

9. Buy Back of Shares

10. Miscellaneous

Valuation of Goodwill Business and Shares -

1. Valuation of assets

2. Valuation of inventory

3. Valuation of investments

4. Valuation of Goodwill

5. Valuation of Shares

6. Valuation of Business

7. Valuation of Brands

8. Miscellaneous 

Consolidation of Financial Statements

1. Consolidation – Basic Concepts

2. Bonus Issue

3. Investment in Preference Shares

4. Different Reporting Dates

5. Different Accounting Policies

6. Multiple Stage of Acquisition

7. Disposal of Investment in Subsidiary

8. Consolidated Profit and Loss A/c

9. Statement u/s. 212 of Companies Act, 1956

10. Multiple Independent Subsidiaries

11. Chain Holding

12. Triangle Holding

13. Cross Holding

14. Foreign Subsidiaries – AS 11 (R) – 2003

15. Associates

16. Joint Ventures

17. Composite Problems

18. Miscellaneous 

Miscellaneous -

Guidance Notes

Value Added Statement

Economic Valued Added/Shareholders’ Value Added

Market Value Added

Human Resources Accounting

Financial Reporting for Financial Institutions

Appendix I – The Revise Schedule VI Appendix II – Solved exam papers 

About The Author:-

Mr. M. P. Vijay Kumar has been the Chief Financial Officer of Sify Technologies Limited since October 18, 2007. Mr. Kumar has been Partner of Yoganandh & Ram, Chartered Accountants for the past eight years. His areas of expertise includes financial/management consulting, legal advisory services and management audit. Prior to joining Yoganandh & Ram, Mr. Kumar worked for seven years with Sundaram Finance Services Ltd., Chennai, the investment banking division of Sundaram. His books published is Financial Reporting with Snow White Publishing CA Final in 2014 Edition and Business Laws, Ethics & Communication with Snow White Publishing for exam CA IPCC August 2014 Edition