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Author : CS Anoop Jain
Edition : For Dec,2019 Exams

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Book Details

Exclusive features of this Best CS Professional Drafting Appearance and Pleadings Book for Dec, 2019 Exams

A self-study book specially written for CS students.
Tabular and graphical presentation of subject matter.
Completely updated.
Simplified language.
Complete Coverage of the Syllabus as prescribed by ICSI.
The answers are given as per the latest amended laws and provisions.
Flow-charts in merger and takeover
Connectivity with other laws.
Past year questions with answers after every chapter.

Features -

1. All Formats of Deed, Suits, Notices, Appeal and Agreement Are Given.
2. Amended Arbitration and Conciliation Act.
3. Previous Exam Questions with Answers
4.Covering All Aspects of ICSI Module
5.All Latest Amendment, Rules, Regulations Circular and Notification
6.Chart Analysis and Simplified Language

Contents -

Part – A, Basic Concepts 

1. Basics Of Drafting And Conveyancing,
2. Document, Instrument And Deed,
3. Important Provisions Of Registration,
4. Important Provisions Of Stamping,

Part – B, Drafting Of Commercial Contracts And Deeds

5.  Drafting Of Agreement And Contract,
6. Drafting Of Family Settlement Deed, Relinquishment Deed And Will,
7. Drafting Of Agency Contract,
8. Drafting Of Arbitration Agreement,
9. Drafting Of Guarantee, Loan And Outsourcing Agreements,
10. Drafting Of Service Agreement,
11. Drafting Of Sale Of Immovable Property,
12. Drafting Of Lease And License Deed,
13. Drafting Of Mortgage, Charges And Hypothetical Deed,
14. Drafting Of Assignment Deed,
15. Drafting Of Partnership Deed,
16. Drafting Of Power Of Attorney,
17. Drafting Of Trust Deed,
18. Drafting Of Gift Deed,

Part – C, Drafting Under Companies Act 2013

19. Drafting Of Agreements Under Companies Act 2013,
20. Drafting Of Moa And Aoa,
21. Drafting Of Underwriting Agreements,
22. Drafting Of Agreement Of Appointment Of Managerial Person,
23 .Compromise, Arrangement, Merger And Amalgamation,

Part – D, Drafting Of Suits, Appeals And Applications

24. Basic Terms Used In Civil And Criminal Cases,
25. Appearances And Pleadings-L,
26. Appearances And Pleadings-Ii,
27. Drafting Of Appeal And Writ Petition,
28. Court Craft / Art Of Advocacy,
29. Compounding Of Offences.