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Author : Arun kumar
Publisher : Shuchita Prakashan Pvt. Ltd
Edition : For June 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Key Features
SEBI Listing Regulations, 2015.
Graph showing IT\aI1(s, category wise in each chapter, in various attempts.
Examination Trend Analysis – 5 Attempts.
Analytical classification of every chapter.
Marks of e.ch question/part question.
List of repeatedly asked questions.
Line chart showing relative importance of chapters.
Complete Questions with Solutions.
Complete question papers of last 4 exams.

Contents  -

Study Material Based Contents,
Examination Trend Analysis,
Line Chart   Showing Relative Importance of Chapters,
Frequency Table Showing importance of Chapter on the Basis of Mars,
Frequency Showing Importance of Chapter on the basis of Marks of Compulsory Questions,
Legends for the Graph,
Introductiion – Ethics and Governanced,
Ethical Principles in Business,
Conceptual Framework of Corporate Governance,
Legislative Framework of Corporate Governance in India,
Board Effectiveness – Issues and Challenges,
Board Committees,
Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights,
Corporate Governance and other Stakeholders,
Risk Management and Internal Control,
Corporate Governance in Banks, Insurance and Public Sector Companies,
Corporate Governance Forums,
Legislatie Framework of Corporate Governance – An International Perspective,
Corporate Social Responsibility,
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Framework,
Legal Framework, Conventions, Treaties on Environmental and Social Aspect,
Principles of Absolute Liability,

Question Paper of June 2014,
Question Paper of December 2014,
Question Paper of June 2015,
Question Paper of December 2015,
Question Paper of June 2016,
Question Paper of December 2016,
Model Test Paper – 2.
Question Paper of June 2017
Question Paper of December 2017