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First Lessons in Accounting Standards including comparison with Ind As with free Pocket size Book by MP Vijay Kumar

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Author : MP Vijay kumar
Publisher : Snow White Publications Pvt. Ltd
Edition : for May 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Keywords Features:-

Unique analysis of Annual Report has been given for a practical flair and to add clarity to the understanding
All the issues, opinions and “frequently asked questions” on compliance with Accounting Standards have been suitably incorporated at relevant places.
All questions relevant to a particular Accounting Standard has been incorporated subsequent to that Standard so as to ensure detailed understanding of that Standard
The book includes among others:-

A flowchart summary of each Accounting Standard
Comparative study with IFRS
Reference to relevant supplementary material such as Guidance Notes
ICAl’s Clarifications / Interpretations on Accounting Standards
Companies (Accounting Standards) Rules 2006.

At the outset, ] place on record my sincere thanks to readers of the earlier editions of the book First Lessons Accounting Standards”, The response by way of constructive suggestions and progressive criticiS111 that I have received has been such that it invigorates me. ‘The supplementary pocket book has received overwhelming response

In this edition the comparative study with lnd AS / IFRS / lAS has been strengthened and dealt with in greater detail considering our road map to convergence with IFRS It gives me immense pleasure in presenting this edition as an exclusive book for students, To cater to the requirements of Accounting Professionals and practicing CAts a separate book has been released, christened HApplication Guidance M Accounting Standards in India” which comprises of two editions has been jointly authored by :Mr, S,D, Bala and me, J’he content of the book has been drafted in such a way that it adheres to the needs of all the students and provides in-depth kno\vledgc and adequate analysis which goes beyond the scope of the syllabus and theteby assisting the students in the practical work environment.

Since the time of release of the last edition several changes have taken place in the Accounting Standards in India, I have tried my utmost to incorporate these changes in this edition and ensure that the book depicts a comprehensive picture of the Accounting Standards as on the date of issue