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Financial, Treasury and Forex Management by ABHA AGGARWAL and SK AGGARWAL

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Publisher : Reliance publications
Edition : For June 2019 Exam

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Important concepts as per study material have been explained through flow chart & diagrams wherever needed so that the entire chapter is at a glance for quick understanding. After this, updated suggested answers to questions as asked in the past 25 relevant examinations have been incorporated in each chapter with categorization viz, Short Notes (SN), Distinguish Between (DB), Descriptive Questions (DQ) and Practical Questions (PQ). The objective is to provide the students with authentic and result oriented material to pass the examinations at first attempt.


1. Meaning. Significance and Scope of Financial Management
2. Capital Budgeting - Basic Concept
3. Capital Budgeting - Risk Analysis
4. Cost of Capital
5. Capital Structure
6. Leverages - Business Risk and Financial Risk
7. Financial Services
8. Project Planning and Sources of Company Finance
9. Dividend Policy
10. Working Capital- Meaning. Concept & Policies
11. Working Capital - Treasury and Cash [Treasury Management]
12. Working Capital- inventory
13. Working Capital- Receivables
14. Working Capital- Payables
15. Working Capital- Financing
16. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
17. Derivatives and Commodity Exchanges - An Overview
18. Forex Management - Basic Concepts
19. Forex Management - Spot Market..
20. Forex Management - Forward Market
21. Forex Management - Foreign Currency Options and Futures
22. Forex Management - Hedging Foreign Exchange Risks
23. Forex Management - Risk Management