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Handbook of GST in India Concepts & Procedures By Rakesh Garg, Sandeep Garg

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Author : Rakesh Garg, Sandeep Garg
Publisher : Bloomsbury
Edition : 1st

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Book Details

Published: 07-02-2017
 Format: Paperback 
Edition: 1st
 Extent: 842
 ISBN: 9789386250957
 Imprint: Bloomsbury India 
Dimensions: 234 x 153 mm 
MRP: ₹ 1,395.00 

About the book
This book comprehensively discusses the updated provisions contained in the Constitution (101st Amendment) Act, 2016, Revised Model GST/IGST Laws, Draft Rules and Formats, released by the Government so far.
This book has been written in a manner which would help the taxpayers and professionals in getting a better understanding of the compliances under the new GST regime. It is a very useful referencer for professionals, corporates and regulators, as all the provisions under GST have been explained in a lucid manner.

Key Features

· Covers highlights of the Revised Model GST/IGST Law released in November 2016
· Elaborate discussion on the Revised Model GST/IGST Laws, Draft Rules and Formats through reader friendly presentation in the form of practical illustrations, tables and graphs
· FAQs and check-lists on various compliance provisions under the GST regime
· Comprehensive compliance chart with limitation periods
· Contentious issues arising from the Revised Model GST/IGST Laws have been discussed in the respective chapters
· Action points for smooth transition to GST
· Exhaustive comparison of GST regime with the erstwhile indirect tax regime
· Industry-wise impact analysis under the GST regime
· Articles amended/inserted by the Constitution (101st Amendment) Act, 2016
· Complete text of the Revised Model GST/IGST Laws, Draft GST Rules and Formats