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Direct tax The Question Book Old & New Syllabus By Vinod Gupta

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Author : Vinod Gupta
Publisher : VG Learning Destination
Edition : 32nd For May / Nov 2018 Exam

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Book Details

This Question Book will help you in practicing the past exams questions
This Question Book is updated according to the present law of Income Tax as amended By Finance Act, 2017


Capital Gains
Income from Other Sources
Taxation of income from Dividend and Deemed Dividend
Employee Stock Options (ESOPs)
Income of other persons Included in Assessee total income (clubbing of income)
Profits and Gains of Business & Profession
Deduction and collection of tax at source
Taxation of AOPs &BOIs
Taxation of Firms
Taxation of Limited .Liability Partnership (LLP)
Taxation Of Charitable/ Religious Trusts And Institutions
Amalgamation and its Tax Implications
Demerger and its Tax Implication
Tonnage Taxation
Taxation of Political Parties
Taxation of Electoral Trust
Taxation of Hindu Undivided Family
Taxation of Co-operative Societies
Taxation of Agricultural Income
Principle of Mutuality/Mutual concerns
Set off or carry forward and set off Losses
Dividend Stripping
Bonus Stripping
Liquidation of Companies
Deductions in Respect of Certain Incomes – Part C of Chapter VI·A
Deduction Under Section 10AA
Other Deductions Under Chapter VI·A
Taxation of Business Trust & Its Unit Holders
Taxation of Secularization Trust & Its Investors
Special Provisions Relating to Tax on Income of Investment Funds and Income Received From Such Funds
Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT) on All Assesses Except Companies (Chapter XII-BA)
Minimum Alternate Tax
Filing of Return of income
Assessment Procedure
Dispute Resolution panel (DRP)
Assessment of Income Escaping Assessment
Time limits for completion of Assessment or Reassessment
Miscellaneous Provisions
Power to call for Information and Conduct Survey
Search And Seizure
Special procedure of Assessment or Reassessment in case of search & seizure
Mandatory & Penal Interest under section 234A, 234B & 234C
Settlement Commission
Appeals & Revision
Certain concepts related to Assessment, Appeals etc
Assessee in Default
Statement Of Financial Transaction or Reportable Account (SFTRA)
Penalties & Prosecutions
Residential Status
Taxability Of Royalty, Fee For Technical Services And Interest
Special Provisions for taxation of non Residents and foreign Companies
Double Taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA)
Advance Ruling (Section 245N-245V)
Transfer Pricing
Notified Jurisdictional area (NJA)
TDS on Payment made to Non Residents
Solved Question paper of November 2017 Exam