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Students’ Handbook on Cost Accounting and Financial Management CA IPcc( old Syllabus ) By Ca B Saravana Prasath

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Author : Ca B Saravana Prasath
Publisher : CCH Padhuka
Edition : 14th Nov 2018 Exams

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Book Details

Highlights of this Book  -

Full Syllabus Covered with Theory & Practical Qns.
Refreshing Point-by-Point by Style write-up.
Concept Clarification through Charts & Graphs.
About 475+ Illustrations with Step by Step Solution.
Fast Track Referencer of Formulae & Concepts.
Chapter Overview for easy navigation of topics

Contents -

 1.    Basic Cost Concepts
 2.    Materials
 3.    Labour Cost
 4.    Overheads
 5.    Cost Accounting Systems
 6.    A. Job and Batch Costing B . Contract Costing
 7.    Joint Products and By-Products
 8.    Process Costing
 9.    Operating Costing
 10.  Standard Costing
 11.  Marginal Costing
 12.  Budgetary Control
 13.  Basics of Financial Management
 14.  Financial  Ratio Analysis
 15.  Cash and Fund Flow Analysis
 16.  Working Capital Management
 17.  Risk and Leverage Analysis
 18.  Cost of Capital and Capital Structure Theories
 19.  Time Value of Money
 20.  Capital Budgeting
 21.  Source of Finance