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First Lessons in Cost and Management Accounting for CA Inter New Syllabus By V Pattabhi Ram K N Anusha

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Author : V Pattabhi Ram K N Anusha
Publisher : Snow White
Edition : 1st May 2018 Exams

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Book Details

Cost accounting deals with cost ascertainment, cost control, cost reduction, and decision-making. To that extent it is about the future. Organizations have to live in the future and not in the past. In a highly competitive world, costs have become central to success. To understand costs, to appreciate how they emerge, and how to make use of them is important in any professional’s life. The subject should be learnt in a way that provides fun. The two of us have taught this subject for several years, and believe that this book is the first step towards a student’s complete understanding of a fascinating subject

Contents -

Cost Sheet
Material Control
Activity Based Costing
Job and Batch Costing
Operating Costing
Contract Costing
Process Costing
Joint and By-product Costing
Operation Costing
Cost Control Accounts
Marginal Costing
Standard Costing
Budget and Budgetary Control

About the Author -

Pattabhi Ram A chartered accountant by profession and qualification, a writer by passion and a teacher by accidental choice.After a brief stint at a couple of corporates where He worked in their corporate finance, capital market, and management accounting functions, shifted to full time CA practice. Today He is the part of a public accounting firm that he co-founded, Yoganandh & Ram which is a multi-partner multi-location firm with over a team strength of 80 plus. Also part of the faculty team of Prime Academy, a CA training institution, that he co-founded with two others. In these several years, He have been into journalism writing of newspapers and magazines of repute on contemporary issues and appeared on television. There has also been a stint when he authored a number of books including co-autoring First Lessons In Strategic Financial Management for CA final students, which was an ICAI recommended text book. I speak at various seminars and workshops both in India and internationally