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Shuchita Solved Scanner CS Executive Programme Module-I (New Syllabus) Paper-1 Company Law By Prof. Arun Kumar and CS Himanshu Srivastava

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Author :  Arun Kumar and CS Himanshu Srivastava
Publisher : Shuchita Prakashan
Edition : For June 2018 Exam

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Book Details

Updated as per SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015.
Chapter-wise Classification.
Questions with Complete Solutions


1.    Introduction
2.   Types of Companies
3.   Promotion and Incorporation of Companies
4.   Memorandum of Association-and Articles of Association
5.   Contracts and Conversions
6.   Concept of Capital and Financing of Companies
7.   Alteration of Share Capital
8.   Private Placement and Prospectus
9.   Debt Capital
10.  Creation and Registration of Charges
11.  Allotment of Securities and Issue of Certificates
12.  Membership in a Company
13.  Transfer and Transmission of Securities
14.  Institution of Directors
15.  Independent Directors
16.  Board and its Powers
17.  Appointment and Remuneration of KMP
18.  General Meetings
19.  Loans and Investments by Companies
20.  Deposits
21.  Accounts and Audit
22.  Divisible Profits and Dividends
23.  Board’s Report and Disclosures
24.  Registers, Forms and Returns
25.  Inspection and Investigation
26.  Majority Rule and Minority Rights
27.  Merger, De-merger, Amalgamation, Compromise and Arrangement; An Overview
28.  Producer Companies
29.  Limited Liability Partnerships
30.  Application of Company Law to Different Sectors
31.  Offences, Penalties and their Compounding
32.  Winding up – Concept and Modes
33.  Striking off Name of Companies
34.  An Introduction to E-Governance and XBRL

Question Paper of December, 2017

Key Features:-
Updated as per SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015.
Chapter-wise Classification.
Questions with Complete Solutions.
Trend Analysis with Lot of Analysis, Graphs and Ratings.
Examination Trend Analysis – 5 Attempts.
Repeatedly asked and compulsory questions listed.
Study Maternal Based Classification.
Important Glossary.
Complete question papers of last 4 exams.
Table Showing Sections of Companies Act, 2013.
Updated as per Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015

About the Author:-

Arun Kumar, CS Shivani Shrivastva and CS (Dr.) Himanshu Srivastava is one of the renowned writer in the field of finance, especially in the area of Economic and Commercial Laws for CS Executive exams. The author has written a number of excellent books in the area of Economic and Commercial Laws that is useful for CS Executive exams.They have diligence and immense ability to learn, relearn and unlearn. Inspite being India’s best faculty and accepted in whole country they are still far away from arrogance. They have been playing multiple roles since the time they are teachers. They are teachers, motivators, friends, counselors and inspiration for many aspirants. They give students a classroom where they can share their doubts and can receive maximum learning. They make students to imbibe all the knowledge given in the class so that they can retain it in the future as well.