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Shuchita Prakashan Solved Scanner Financial Management and Economics for Finance By Arpita Ghose and Gourab Ghose

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Author : Arpita Ghose and Gourab Ghose
Publisher : Shuchita Prakashan
Edition : For May 2019 Exam

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Book Details

Key Features -

Graph showing marks, category wise in each chapter, in various attempts.
Examination Trend Analysis· 5 Attempts.
Analytical classification of every chapter.
Marks of each question/part question.
list of similarly asked questions.
line chart showing relative importance of chapters.
Contents establishing correlation between study material and chapters in Solved Scanner.
Complete Questions with Solutions.
Definition at a Glance
Model test papers with solutions (hint) for practice.
Examination Trend Analysis.
Latest amendments, notifications, updation, relevant case laws, circulars and rules for your upcoming examinations e. May/June 2018 attempt.
Subject specific elaborate dictionary.

Contents -

Part –A Financial Management

Study Material Based Contents
Examination Trend Analysis
Line Chart Showing Relative Importance of Chapters
Table Showing Importance of Chapter on the Basis of Marks
Table Showing Importance of Chapter on the Basis of Marks of Compulsory Questions
Scope and Objectives of Financial Management
Types of Financing
Financial Analysis and Planning Ratio Analysis
Cost of Capital
Financing Decisions· Capital Stnucture
Financing Decisions – Leverages
Investment Decisions
Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
Lease Financing
Dividend Decisions
Introduction to Working Capital Management
Treasury and Cash Management
Management of Inventory’
Management of Receivables & Payables
Financing of Working Capital

Part – B Economics for Finance

Study Material Based Contents
National Income Accounting
The Keynesian Theory of Determination of National Income
Public Finance
The Concept of Money Demand and Money Supply
Monetary Policy
Theory of International Trade
Exchange Rate and International Capital Movements