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Homeopathy Psychology Personality Profiles of the Major Constitutional Remedies

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Author : Dr. Bailey Philip M
Publisher : B Jain Publishers
Edition : 2007

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ISBN: 9788131903186


a novel collection of "mental pictures" of 35 homeopathic polycrests. philip m baily sketches the traditional symptmatology to uncover the "real" person behind the "constitution". A unique elemental analysis of 35 constitutional types, examining the common behaviors, primary emotional tendencies, internal conflicts and spiritual issues that each of them face.

About The Author

Dr. Bailey Philip M
Dr Bailey has been practising Classical Homeopathy for 25 years. He published "Homeopathic Psychology' in 1996, and it has become a classic text used by homeopathic students the world over. For the past 15 years Dr Bailey has been giving seminars in advanced homeopathic prescribing throughout Europe.

Dr Bailey has studied several methods of psychotherapy, and has been practising counselling and psychotherapy for over 20 years. His counselling experience has enabled him to expand and deepen homeopathic materia medica, and has led to the publication of his latest homeopathic text, 'Lacs in Practice', which contains a wealth of original observations about Lac remedies.