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The Lesser Writings Of C F Von Boenninghausen

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Author :  Boenninghausen Clemens Maria Franz Von
Publisher : B Jain Publishers
Edition : 2012

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ISBN: 9788131902875

OverviewBoenninghausens contribution to homoeopathic science and litesrature was made between the year 1828-46 the lesser writings by von Boenningausens was published in 1908 T.L. Bradford collected his german writings and L.H. Tatel translated them to english these articals have been translated from the original journals and examind very carefully the phraseology has been left intact Boenninghausens thought are revealed through essay on thuja and small pox the cure of Asiatin cholera the choice of remedy and jmany more several articals relate his experience with high potencies and their application in typhoid fever and traumatic ailments this book was out of print for a long time and owing to its demand amongst students and practitioners for this book.