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Organon Of Medicine 5 & 6 Edition

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Author : Mr. Dudgeon Robert Ellis
Publisher : B Jain Publishers
Edition : 2013

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Book Details

ISBN: 9788131901397 

The Organon of Medicine - 5th and 6th edition by Samuel Hahnemann and translated by R.E. Dudgeon was published in 1970. It is a combination of the revised 5th Edition by Dudgeon( 1893) and 6th edition by Boericke.
Dudgeon's revision was an effort to make a more exact reproduction of the orginial. Dudgeon added an appendix to his ediion wherein he features the important variations of the previous editions. This presents a detailed history of the origin, growth and progress of the homeopathic system of medicine. It's an excellent learning process to see the changes in Hahnemann's thinking from the 5th to the 6th edition. This further facilitates side-by-side comparison of the text. Some of the paragraphs were modified, some were re-written completely and others were eliminated. As opposed to the view that the 6th edition is late in the life aberration, Dudgeon's work clearly shows the evolutionary development that occurred.  

About The Author

Mr. Dudgeon Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis Dudgeon 1820 – 1904   Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1839, Robert Ellis Dudgeon studied in Paris and Vienna before graduating as a doctor.Robert Ellis Dudgeon practiced at the London Homeopathic Hospital and specialised in Optics, writing prodigiously on the subject and inventing spectacles which could be used under water (he was a keen swimmer, volunteer and golfer).In 1881 the English physician and homeopath, Robert Ellis Dudgeon (1820-1904) introduced a new, highly portable Sphygmograph. Dudgeon’s sphygmograph was strapped to the wrist. The pulse at the wrist caused a metal strip to move a stylus, transmitting a record of the pulse onto smoked paper.He was the first editor ofBritish Journal of Homeopathy from 1845-1884. Accordingly, he became a homeopath c1843 under the influence of a semester spent in the Medical School in Vienna and then under John James Drysdale in Liverpool. He died before any of the information about Samuel Hahnemann‘s later work was published in 1922. Yet Robert Ellis Dudgeon, as a translator of German works, must have been aware of Samuel Hahnemann‘s use of liquid doses, centesimals, LM’s and serial dilution in water, techniques which were all brought in with the 5th Edition of the Organon in the 1830′s.